Foundation Kits

It's important to get the foundations right for your Greenhouse

In order to get the best results from your greenhouse, it is important to have a solid, level and square foundation. With a secure and stable foundation, your greenhouse will have smoothly sliding doors, easy to open windows and a strong anchoring system, which is especially important in high wind zones. It also increases the lifespan of your greenhouse.

Our unique and custom made greenhouse bases are undoubtedly the strongest on the market. They are built using powder coated aluminum to help maximize the structural integrity of the greenhouse. Below you will see the options we have created for Winter Gardenz Greenhouses. There is a foundation option to suit all needs.

People often ask what they should put down inside their greenhouse. This can be as simple as laying gravel or shell chip, depending whether or not you are using a ground bed. Concrete tiles are always popular, as they create a small pathway and also help to retain the heat. It's best to stay away from using material like wood or bark, as it decomposes and can become slippery.

Foundation Dimensions for your Winter Gardenz Greenhouse

How to secure the Greenhouse into position with the supplied standard stakes

All our Greenhouses are supplied with our standard corner stakes. Below are two popular methods which can be used to secure your Greenhouse base to the ground.

Staked into ground
The quickest and simplest method. Great if you want to move your Greenhouse in the future, but not suitable if your site is exposed to strong winds.

Concreted into position
Corner stakes concreted into position. A little more work is required, but provides a stronger anchor and better piece of mind.

Additional mounting options for your Greenhouse

If you are in a windy or exposed area we recommend you consider attaching the Greenhouse to either a concrete or timber footing using one of our foundation mounting kits. There are two different styles to chose from, and they can be attached to the inside or outside of the base. They are designed to be fitted at intervals around the perimeter of the base providing multiple fixing points and offering the best and most secure method for securing your Greenhouse in position.

Flush Mounting Kit

Surface Mounting Kit


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