Winter Gardenz Greenhouse Easy-Build System

Yes, our greenhouses come in a kit. But they are not like many budget flat-pack kit set nightmares which will drive any happily married couple to divorce! Our greenhouse assembly guides are written by like-minded Americans, well laid out and have clear color photographs, diagrams, and explanations for each step. 

Here are some key points to remember...

  • The greenhouse comes in two main boxes 1 flat wide box for the glazing panels, 1 long narrow box containing the aluminum frame components.
  • Weights range from 175lbs to 300lbs (for domestic polycarbonate greenhouses) and 330lbs to over 700lbs for domestic glasshouses) depending on the model size and glazing.
  • A full set of color instructions is included
  • All parts are grouped together and part labeled
  • All items are drilled & slotted - there is no need to drill or cut anything.
  • All you need is a cordless drill, scissors, and a level and a square.
  • Allow a day or two to assemble 
  • A clear level site makes things much easier... however you can build our polycarbonate greenhouses in a shed and move them into position
  • We include details on the base and foundations
  • There is an 800 number you can call if you have questions
  • Lastly... we get great feedback about our instructions... see below

Winter Gardenz Greenhouse Time-lapse Assembly Video

Watch a time lapse video of our boys putting together an 8x8 Double Door Greenhouse. Most people say watching this helps greatly with the assembly. It took them 1 hour 40min but we've speed up the video to just over 5 mins.

Recent Feedback about our Assembly Instructions

I bought my greenhouse after a good study of the alternative offerings and confirm your product as far superior. The components and labeling are excellent and I have found the instructions great I expect the greenhouse to be a fine asset on completion.

Many thanks for help in getting started assembling my new green house. Once I got started i found the instructions supplied to be easy and logical to follow. The assembly from the back of the ute to finished was 2 days, but being a bear of little brain i was a little slow of the mark so many thanks for your help getting started. To say i'm pleased with the finished product is a bit of an understatement! Thanks again for a great product and your help"

"Greetings. I purchased a 6ft Greenhouse in early October and have just got around to assembling it. The instructions were superb and it went together with no problems. We are very pleased with how it has turned out."

"I recently purchased an 8x10 Greenhouse which we have just finished erecting. The house went together very well. My husband and I were amazed at the difference the rubber sealing does to the rigidity of the house. I know it says so in the instructions but it is amazing to see first hand!"

"I have just put together one of your double door 8x8'' greenhouses and found the instructions"

Read more of our customer feedback here.

Greenhouse Assembly Time Lapse Videos