Common Questions

A list of our most Frequently Asked Questions

What are Winter Gardenz greenhouses like in the wind?

Very good. In fact, we'd go so far as to say they are the strongest greenhouses you will find. They are designed to withstand a constant wind speed of 70mph and will survive gusts in excess of 95mph provided that are closed up (vents and doors shut and secured) and are sufficiently fixed to the ground. We recommend using our foundation mounting kits for any greenhouse that is likely to be exposed to any winds greater than 50mph. Read this foundation page for more information about fixing the greenhouse to the ground.

What is the difference between 'Polycarbonate & Glass'? Read our full page on this here.

The main differences are thermal efficiency and durability. Our 6mm twin-wall clear polycarbonate has an air pocket between the two layers which creates a double-glazing effect. It also doesn't conduct heat energy like glass, so this results in a more thermally efficient greenhouse. Warmer at nights and better frost protection if you live in a cold area. Safety is another benefit, you can mow right around our greenhouses, kids can throw balls - because there is no dangerous glass, which can shatter. It's tough stuff! UV stabilized on both sides, the polycarbonate is made here in America by GE/Sabac and covered by a 10-year guarantee. From our experience many people have had this product on their conservatories etc for 15-20 years before it becomes due for replacement. Glass on the other hand offers longevity as it is unaffected by the suns UV. It also looks alot more appealing and has that traditional look about it, if that's what you're after.

Why do Winter Gardenz greenhouses cost more than the cheap greenhouses I see for sale online or in magazines.

In the greenhouse world you will get what you pay for. We make quality greenhouses, from quality materials (that last), and the greenhouses themselves are designed to withstand nature's harsh conditions (i.e. wind, snow, sun, hail, etc...). Although the upfront cost of a Winter Gardenz greenhouse might cost a little more than a cheap and lesser quality imported greenhouse you will save in the long run as most of the cheap imported greenhouses don't usually last more than 2-years. There is a reason you don't see the cheap and lesser quality greenhouses erected at stores or shows around the country. This is because they look good from a picture in a magazine or on the internet but when you see one standing you will quickly see for yourself that the frame lacks structural integrity and the panels are not retained in the frame sufficiently to withstand more than a 40mph wind. If you are in a sheltered area and don't lose the panels in the wind then the next problem you will face is the low-grade polycarbonate panels breaking down and perishing from the sun's UV. This usually happens after the second summer. It really does pay to do your home work before buying a greenhouse to avoid being caught with a cheap and lesser quality product that won't last.

Does Winter Gardenz offer a guarantee for their Greenhouses

Yes. All Winter Gardenz greenhouses, glasshouses and shade houses have a 10-year guarantee.

What if I need extra parts or accessories?

Although they are seldom required, we do stock replacement parts just incase something unexpected happens to your greenhouse. We also have a full range of accessories to compliment your greenhouse. Simply give us a call and we will mail it to you.

Do I require a builder to construct this greenhouse?

No, our domestic greenhouses have step-by-step, easy to follow instructions and are designed to be straight-forward, with the typical DIY handy-person in mind. All the parts are clearly labeled, pre drilled and cut to length. You won't require any special tools other than a cordless drill (used for tightening the nuts and bolts, not drilling holes). Assembly time will take 1-2 days, and requires 2-people. The larger Winter Gardenz commercial greenhouses are constructed onsite by Winter Gardenz.

What size of greenhouse do I need?

Assuming space in your garden is not an issue, this largely depends on how much growing you are planning to do, and to a lesser extent, how much storage space you will need inside your greenhouse. However, most greenhouse gardeners know that the most common complaint about their greenhouse is that there is never enough room! We recommend you plan your greenhouse space by listing the ideal plants, shelving, potting benches, seedling trays etc… on a piece of paper and then transferring them to a basic floor plan with the plants drawn to a rough scale representing their fully grown size. Click on our 'Layout Guide' for a few more ideas. Otherwise our online 'Buyers Guide' has more general information regarding choosing the right greenhouse.

Where do I position my greenhouse on my section?

The best place is on the north side of your land - facing south, so you get all day sun from east to west. Think about where the shadows are in winter and summer. Please see our 'Positioning Guide' for more information. If the greenhouse will be exposed to winds in your chosen location, please ensure there is an adequate windbreak in position to protect it.

Are your greenhouses safe for children and pets?

Yes. Our polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and our tempered glass is super tough.

How do I maximize growing capacity?

The best way to maximize growing capacity is with shelving; we have a large range of accessories to assist with this including hanging shelving and free standing shelving. How wide your shelving is depends on your greenhouse size. Please see more information here.

What type of maintenance do they require?

We recommend keeping your greenhouse clean by washing off any surface dirt using a gentle brush with soapy water at least once a year. Avoid using harsh chemicals, particularly bleaches.

How long does powder coating last and will it need re-painting?

No, our aluminum extrusions are powdercoated. This is guaranteed not to fade for a minimum of 10 years.